King Charles III – Trailer

King Charles III – Trailer

Prince Charles has waited his entire life to ascend to the British throne. But after the Queen’s death, he immediately finds himself wrestling his conscience over a bill to sign into law. His hesitation detonates a constitutional and political crisis and his family start to worry; William and Kate becoming aware his actions may threaten their future. Meanwhile an unhappy and frustrated Prince Harry starts a relationship with a ‘commoner’, just at the moment that the press is looking for a way to attack… With the future of the monarchy under threat, protests on the streets, and his family in disarray, Charles must grapple with his own identity and purpose, to decide whether, in the twenty-first century, the British crown still has any real power. Starring Tim Pigott-Smith (Downton Abbey, The Hour), Charlotte Riley (Close To The Enemy, Peaky Blinders) and Adam James (Doctor Foster, Grantchester) this is a timely and unique examination of the British monarchy. – ( Original Title – King Charles III )

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  1. this is what really needs to happen to protect england but i suspect the real charles is supportive of the muslim hordes….ither way this show sucked because i believe this would never happen if the king or queen disssoled the parliment he would have the armed forces loyalty as they swear alligence to the crown

  2. It's funny that the King came across as a villain trying to step over the people as represented by the House of Commons. In reality, the house of Commons had become a bunch of elitists trying to usurp power from the people by limiting free speech and censoring the press. The King stepped in to defend the common people of England from a bunch of would-be tyrants. For having the audacity to use his lawful powers, he payed the ultimate price and was forced to resign. What makes the King great in this film is that he knew that if he used his limitless power to stop the tyrannical Parliament, that he would lose the throne, as the Monarch has unlimited power but is not supposed to out use it out of tradition. And yet, he still used it anyway, because defending the freedoms of the people of Britain was more important to him than keeping his throne. That is what makes him great. If he were a lesser man, he would have just given his royal ascent to anything Parliament wanted iso as to keep his life of privilege as King.

  3. King Charles the playboy turned dirty old man, and Queen Camilla the ugly harlot….At least with presidents or prime ministers, their sordid private lives are dismissed or they quit and new elections take place. With monarchs, they fucked, fuck, and die fucking and still have the audacity to call on morals or even be the head of a church.
    A philanderer for the head of a church???

  4. This seems to credit Charles, even though he's a bit of a sniveling weasel.. Better for these haughty German royals to abdicate than sully the history of England's monarchy. Let the age of Kings come to a dignified end.

  5. A movie about what happens after Queen Elizabeth II dies; involving our real-life royal family; and yet, the Queen still lives.
    Her Majesty must find this an interesting bit of theatre, one should think…

  6. Politicians have trashed this once mighty and glorious nation, we might as well be living in a dictatorship, yes, abolish Parliament, Restore Her / His Majesty as head of our Sovereign state, and put a British Military officer in no 10.
    If people need their vote fix, let them vote in another Patriotic, British officer in 5 yrs time.
    Scum politicians are destroying us.

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