Dust on the Bible – Mini Thin (video) country rap redneck rebel hick hop trump Christian music

Mini Thin

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  1. I will say this mini. U r the reason why I started fighting this time with my cancer and got off some of the meds. Now i have a better outlook in life. Also my daughter is back in my life. Thank u. Luv the song.

  2. My friend just introduced me to you. I was born in West Virginia. Anyways, my friend used to party with you. And he showed me your music, and your music really spreads great messages. Thanks for making great music man! You have talent!

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH Mini Thin!!!!!! My depression has been unbearable and able to put up with for the past couple of years. This helped me a pretty decent bit. GOD bless you.

  4. That's a great remix of that song I love your positive attitude in the change that you're making pretty awesome something that young people nowadays needs to see for real. Get-R-Done!! Brad

  5. Had a great time with wonderful people. Thank you for everything you do to help those of us that might have a lot of sorrow in our past but you constantly remind us that we can make it💜

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