GOD OF WAR RAP by JT Music (feat. TrollfesT) – “Follow Father”

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Here’s our track for God of War featuring a Norwegian metal band’s instrumentals. Thanks for TrollfesT for helping out on the song!

Special thanks to River, who visited us with Make a Wish! He was a champ and crushed his lyrics as Atreus!

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iTunes ▶ https://jtmch.co/2rGv6AD
Spotify ▶ https://jtmch.co/2IeY7OO
Google Play ▶ https://jtmch.co/2rHEgN4
Amazon ▶ https://jtmch.co/2rFt5od

Live Instrumentals Recorded by TrollfesT ▶ http://jtmch.co/2mjP2ZG
Atreus Vocals by River ▶ https://jtmch.co/2I9MTqJ

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GOD OF WAR RAP by JT Music (feat. TrollfesT) – “Follow Father”

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  1. Great job as always. I do have a question, are you guys steering clear of Nintendo due to their harsh history with Youtubers or are you just not interested in their games?

  2. What I really like about this, is that you could have just had it be one long boast about how awesome Kratos is, but instead it's all about how much Kratos has changed since the original trilogy, and his relationship with Atreus.

  3. Hey guys, your music are just awesome like always, it would be awesome if you do the outlast II rap, don't wake me up and shadow of myself was already incredible, I hope you'll do what I just said. Anyway it's always cool to hear a song of yours !

    Like this comment if you want them to see it please !!!!!

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