[HOT] 6월 2주차 1위 ‘방탄소년단 – FAKE LOVE (BTS – FAKE LOVE)’ Show Music core 20180609


Music core 20180609
6월 2주차 1위 ‘방탄소년단 – FAKE LOVE (BTS – FAKE LOVE)’

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  1. To all the people asking why Jin is sad:
    1.Jin's grandma passed away today,RIP
    2.Jin is getting hate from k-netizens recently after music bank…
    Condolences to Kim family and hope everything will be fine soon😟

  2. Jin even doesnt smile:( i believe he read the bad comment people give to him about him and solbin, people nowadays is so jobless how can they even badmouth for good thing that jin did to solbin, he just gives his respect to solbin by give her some motivation words YAA IS THAT WRONG? WHATS GOING ON WITH THEM, i cant believe that people like them are exist-_-

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