12 Movies Coming Out In March 2018 That'll Make You Want To Lease Out A Theater

12 Movies Coming Out In March 2018 That'll Make You Want To Lease Out A Theater

 12 Movies Coming Out In March 2018 That'll Make You Want To Lease Out A Theater

Because going to the movies is self-care.

Red Sparrow (March 2)

Based on the Red Sparrow Trilogy by Jason Matthews, the film follows Dominika Egorova (Jennifer Lawrence), a former ballerina reeling from career-ending injury. After witnessing a crime she wasn't meant to see, she is manipulated into joining a secret institute that trains young people to use their bodies as the ultimate weapon.

20th Century Fox / Via youtube.com

A Wrinkle in Time (March 9)

Another film based on a very popular book, Madeleine L'Engle's iconic story follows troubled teenager Meg Murry whose scientist father has gone missing. With the help of three celestial beings, Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which, Meg must venture across time and space to find her father (and also herself, you know). Plus, Oprah's in it…you need no other reason.

Disney Studios / Via youtube.com

The Strangers: Prey at Night (March 9)

Exactly 10 years later, we've finally received a sequel to the popular home invasion film, The Strangers. This entry sees a family being terrorized by the same creepy masked people from the original while stopped for the night at a mobile home park. The trailer alone is all kinds of terrifying, and will definitely fill your campy horror needs for the month.

Aviron Pictures / Via youtube.com

Thoroughbreds (March 9)

I was lucky enough to see an early screening of this one a week ago, and it's definitely worth the watch! Hailed as Heathers meets American Psycho, the film follows two very unlikely childhood friends, Amanda and Lily, who rekindle their odd relationship as teens. In an unlikely turn of events, this causes them to hatch a plot to murder Lily's unlikeable step-father. The film also stars Anton Yelchin, in one of the very last roles he filmed, as their unsuspecting hitman-for-hire.

Focus Features / Via youtube.com

Tomb Raider (March 16)

This one should need very little sale...it's Tomb Raider. It's gonna be awesome. Go see it.

Warner Bros. / Via youtube.com

Love, Simon (March 16)

This is a coming-of-age, coming out story based on the incredibly popular YA novel Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli. The plot follows Simon, played by Nick Robinson, a gay teenage boy who has not yet come out to his friends and family. However, upon discovering that another boy at his school is keeping the same secret, Simon realizes he ALSO deserves a great love story.

20th Century Fox / Via youtube.com

Pacific Rim: Uprising (March 23)

The much anticipated sequel to the 2013 sci-fi monster flick gives us John Boyega as Idris Elba's son, because someone has been reading my diary. Anyway, the film takes place 10 years after the events of the original, and the monsters have returned to fight back. Jake Pentecost (Boyega) rises up to fight againt the corrupt world and save the human race from extinction. This one's sure to have a butt-ton of action and amazing effects, plus a pretty groovy soundtrack.

Universal Pictures / Via youtube.com

Isle of Dogs (March 23)

When an epidemic of “dog flu” breaks out in futuristic Japan, the mayor demands a nationwide quarantine of all dogs to “Trash Island.” But one 12 year old boy will not rest until he finds his pup, Spot, and sets out to Trash Island. With the help of a determined group of “scary, indestructible Alpha Dogs” the young boy sets out on a mission to find his missing pup, but may accidentally uncover much more.

Fox Searchlight / Via youtube.com

Unsane (March 23)

Claire Foy is a queen (no, like literally), so I'm pumped to see her in this thriller. A simple story of a woman trying to evade a stalker takes a truly chilling turn when she is involuntarily committed to a mental institution and told her stalker does not exist. This thriller comes to us courtesy of Steven Soderbergh, and was shot COMPLETELY on an iPhone.

Bleeker Street / Via youtube.com

I Kill Giants (March 23)

Based on the critically-acclaimed graphic novel, the story follows Barbara Thorson, a teenage girl who doesn't ~quite~ fit in with her peers. So, to deal with her bullied reality and troubled home life, she escapes into her own magical world where she, you guessed it, kills giants. However, with the help of her new friend, Sophia, and an understanding guidance counselor, she may not have to face EVERY giant alone.

RLJE Films / Via youtube.com

Ready Player One (March 30)

Yet ANOTHER one based on a comically popular book, the newest film on the Steven Spielberg slate takes place in a dystopian future, in which the only escape is to a virtual world called “The Oasis.” When the creator of this virtual utopia dies, he leaves behind a video, challenging players of the game to find and easter egg he has hidden, which promises a massive fortune to whoever finds it first.

Warner Bros. / Via youtube.com

Acrimony (March 30)

I'm not a complicated woman. If Taraji P. Henson is in it, I'll see it. Melinda (Henson) is a dutiful, faithful wife who is finally tired of standing by her cheating husband. Why any man in their right mind would doube-cross her, I do not know. Plus, with a tagline like “Hell hath no fury,” you know we're in for a tale about sweet, righteous vengeance, so sign me up right now.

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