19 TV Show Endings That Properly Annoyed The Fuck Out Of People

19 TV Show Endings That Properly Annoyed The Fuck Out Of People

 19 TV Show Endings That Properly Annoyed The Fuck Out Of People

“The show steadily lost quality after Season 4, but the very last episode was soooooooo bad. I was hoping that at least it would end with some semblance of coherence, but it was everything it was never supposed to be. There have been multiple fan-made endings that are 1,000% better than what we got.”


“The end of Dexter was an abomination. Sure, let’s dump Deb’s body into the ocean, sail off into a hurricane, and then somehow emerge later on as a lumberjack…all after abandoning your son to live with your murderous girlfriend. Cool.”


“I don’t know one person who saw it who liked it. They just undid eight seasons of character development in one episode.”



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