32 Backstage Celeb Instagrams From The Golden Globes You Need To See

32 Backstage Celeb Instagrams From The Golden Globes You Need To See

 32 Backstage Celeb Instagrams From The Golden Globes You Need To See

Everyone was excited to meet Tommy Wiseau.

Emilia Clarke shared a pre-show selfie while she got her makeup done.

Instagram: @emilia_clarke

And Kelly Clarkson went all-out with her sheet mask.

Instagram: @kellyclarkson

Gayle King was nervous for her BFF Oprah.

Instagram: @gayleking

Ryan Seacrest got in a last-minute rehearsal before starting his red carpet hosting duties.

Instagram: @ryanseacrest

Tracee Ellis Ross was a bombshell in all black.

Instagram: @traceeellisross

Reese Witherspoon and Eva Longoria posed in their flawless gowns.

Instagram: @reesewitherspoon

Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones had a mini Parks and Rec reunion with Amy’s date Saru Jayaraman.

Instagram: @amypoehlersmartgirls

Stranger Things‘ Finn Wolfhard brought his mom to the ceremony.

Instagram: @rhondaspiesstylist

Jessica Biel showed off her bling in a casual car selfie.

Instagram: @jessicabiel

And her husband Justin Timberlake gushed over how beautiful she is.

Instagram: @justintimberlake

Billie Jean King and her partner Ilana Kloss got ready to walk the red carpet.

Instagram: @billiejeanking

Tommy Wiseau was excited to finally be invited to the Golden Globes.

Instagram: @tommywiseau

…And Sharon Stone was super excited to meet him.

Instagram: @sharonstone

The leaders of the Time’s Up movement got together to pose for a seriously powerful group shot.

Instagram: @lenawaithe

Joe Jonas and his brother Nick helped each other get ready.

Instagram: @joejonas

America Ferrera and Natalie Portman prom-posed it up.

Instagram: @americaferrera

And then America was adorable on the red carpet with her husband Ryan Piers Williams.

Instagram: @americaferrera

Laura Dern made her way to the ceremony with her date, activist Mónica Ramírez.

Instagram: @lauradern

And Big Little Lies‘ Shailene Woodley and Zoë Kravitz took a selfie with Shailene’s date, Calina Lawrence.

Instagram: @calinalawrence

Ricky Martin posed for a quick backstage selfie before presenting an award with his American Crime Story co-stars.

Instagram: @ricky_martin

Ashley Judd found The Rock in the crowd for a quick selfie.

Instagram: @ashley_judd

Emilia Clarke and Gwendoline Christie enjoyed a mini Game of Thrones reunion.

Instagram: @emilia_clarke

Tom Hanks and Sean Hayes goofed around in the audience.

Instagram: @therealdebramessing

And Tom’s wife Rita Wilson shared this totally casual selfie with none other than Meryl Streep.

Instagram: @ritawilson

Stranger Things‘ David Harbour lost out to Alexander Skarsgård, and was chill about it.

Instagram: @dkharbour

Susan Kelechi Watson celebrated co-star Sterling K. Brown’s win.

Instagram: @susankelechiwatson

And Debra Messing shared a jubilant selfie with winner Allison Janney.

Instagram: @therealdebramessing

Elisabeth Moss cuddled her trophy for The Handmaid’s Tale.

Instagram: @elisabethmossofficial

Nick Jonas found Mariah Carey at the after-party.

Instagram: @mariahcarey

While his brother Joe couldn’t believe he got to meet Tommy Wiseau.

Instagram: @joejonas

Salma Hayek, Mariah Carey, and Ashley Judd posed for this seriously fire shot.

Instagram: @salmahayek

And Drake was blessed to meet Stranger Things‘ Gaten Matarazzo.

Instagram: @gatenm123


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