Did You Buy One of These Frequently Returned Gifts?

Did You Buy One of These Frequently Returned Gifts?

 Did You Buy One of These Frequently Returned Gifts?

First comes the holiday shopping rush. Then comes the (almost) just-as-noteworthy post-holiday return rush: As much as 10 percent of holiday sales will be returned after the merchandise is opened or gifted, according to Chain Store Age.

What are the chances one of your gifts will be returned? Here are some of the most frequently returned items:

Remember how popular Hatchimals were last year? And how crazy everyone is for Fingerlings this year? The buzz around novelty toys can be powerful for driving sales — and returns, according to DealNews.com.

What do you want more: Counter space or a quesadilla maker? Chances are, your sister/cousin/college student is thinking the same right about now, according to DealNews.com.

It never occurred to me to return unwanted candy or gum, but according to People.com, it happens. A. Lot. The site reported the most exchanged gifts last year were candy, gum and chocolate.

This ranked among the most exchanged by women last year, according to People.com, which suggests you might want to just skip a step in the future and get a gift card.

Those were the most exchanged items among men last year, according to People.com.

Anti-aging skin care ranked among the least-exchanged items for both men and women last year, according to People.com.

USA Today has gathered some great advice for successful returns or exchanges.


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