Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy Has Broken Every Single Kardashian Tradition

Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy Has Broken Every Single Kardashian Tradition

 Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy Has Broken Every Single Kardashian Tradition

The Kardashians are one of the most photographed families on the planet, and it’s pretty unusual for a day to go by without new paparazzi photos of one of the members. Up until yesterday, however, Kylie hadn’t been photographed since the above instance in June – that’s a whole SEVEN MONTHS. This is revelatory for two reasons: Firstly, it was the longest period a Kardashian/Jenner has gone un-photographed for since Kim took her three month hiatus after the Paris robbery. Secondly, there’s a premium on photos of the Kardashians doing something out of their normal remit, or looking different to usual. Pregnancy encompasses both appeals and therefore provides endless content opportunities, and so they’re hounded more than usual.


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