Let’s Talk About The Absolute Beauty Of Black Mirror’s “Hang The DJ”

Let’s Talk About The Absolute Beauty Of Black Mirror’s “Hang The DJ”

 Let’s Talk About The Absolute Beauty Of Black Mirror’s “Hang The DJ”

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, actor Campbell explained what she sees as the meaning of the episode: “She is no longer allowing this system to keep controlling her. You shouldn’t be relying on a system to tell you how you feel. We have human instincts; you know how you feel and that’s what you should follow.”

And even though the episode is about dating, it also resonates if you have been through a breakup. Having been through one recently myself, I couldn’t help feeling a connection with an idea from this episode: that everything will work out in the end, and that we are all linked by a system of falling in and out of love, until we meet the one we stick with.


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