See a Woman Who May Have Farted on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

See a Woman Who May Have Farted on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

 See a Woman Who May Have Farted on 'Wheel of Fortune'

This is probably the most embarrassing thing that can happen to you on TV.

A woman may have farted on Wednesday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune.

The woman landed on the Free Play space and, as she guessed her letter, it sounds like she lets one rip, obscuring what letter she wanted. She immediately says, “Excuse me” and host Pat Sajak, in his most endearingly vanilla Pat Sajak way, says, “That’s okay. All I heard was a noise.”

So, did she fart? Was it something else? Not since we’ve argued who shot JFK has there been such a heated debate.

What’s interesting is that it sounds like she initially may have asked for an “F,” but then changed it to an “O.” After she spins again, she asks for an “F,” causing Sajak to laugh. Hmm, what was the gastrointestinal reason for her to change her mind?

It could be worse. She could’ve been this guy. Or this one. Or maybe even this one. Actually, you know what? It’s not. Farting on national TV has its own place in the pantheon of terrible things you can on TV.


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