This Woman Called Out Blac Chyna For Using Her Weight Loss Picture In An Instagram Ad

This Woman Called Out Blac Chyna For Using Her Weight Loss Picture In An Instagram Ad

 This Woman Called Out Blac Chyna For Using Her Weight Loss Picture In An Instagram Ad

“Throughout the whole day, people kept tagging me in Blac Chyna’s picture,” Robson-Lawrence said.

In an attempt to get Blac Chyna’s attention to remove her before-and-after picture from her page, Robson-Lawrence called upon her 16,800 Instagram followers. In her Instagram story, she asked followers to leave comments underneath another picture Chyna had posted on Instagram asking her to delete it, because, she says, comments were disabled on the picture of her.

She said she was shocked and disappointed that Blac Chyna shared her before-and-after picture to her 14 million followers. “People are so impressionable these days, especially from what they see on social media. My biggest thing is staying true to myself. It’s so easy to go out there and get surgery to look a certain way. There’s so much pressure to keep up with appearances,” she said.

She added: “I wanted to show people you can eat [well], exercise, and get the body that you want without doing those things – not that I have anything against people doing that [surgery].

She said she didn’t blame Blac Chyna for the post: “It’s obviously not her fault, she doesn’t sit there and vent out whether these pictures are legitimate or if these have gone through that process.”

Robson-Lawrence went on to say: “Given the fact she probably would have been paid for it and had seen the comments telling her to remove it, common curiosity would want you to message that person and say, ‘Sorry, I had no idea’. I just know how I would behave in that situation.”

Robson-Lawrence said the fault ultimately lies with the company. “The company itself that she was promoting – it was weight loss pills and supplements: ‘You take these for a certain amount of days and you can get the body that you want.’ And it’s really upsetting because I worked my backside off to shed weight – just for it to be completely disregarded in that way and used in that nature, it was offensive,” she said.

She said: “I was shocked. I wasn’t expecting them to reply in the way they did, and there was no remorse and they told me they would continue to use my images.”

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Blac Chyna’s representatives and the owner of the @weightgone2018 account for comment.


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