Ultimate Unicorn Lovers Gift Guide

Ultimate Unicorn Lovers Gift Guide

 Ultimate Unicorn Lovers Gift Guide

Know someone who waited in line for Starbucks’ limited-release Unicorn Frappucinos?

Or someone who dropped $30 for a unicorn head mask at Target around Halloween?

The appreciation for these mythical magical creatures has reached almost a mania. If you’re flummoxed, both Refinery 29 and Vox have attempted to explain the phenomenon. But thanks to this list, you don’t need to understand it to find the perfect gift for the unicorn-lover in your life.

  • 1

    From Justice, $19.90

    Just look into those eyes. Don’t you feel warm and fuzzy already?

  • 2

    From Urban Outfitters, $19

    Spoiler alert: There’s Unicorn Soft Conditioner, too.

    Photo credit: Urban Outfitters
  • 3

    From Forever 21, $27.90

    Wings included. Available in white or light pink.

  • 4

    From American Eagle, $7.95

    Each one is handmade in the cupcake cottage in Tacoma, Washington, according to American Eagle’s website.

    Photo credit: American Eagle
  • 5

    From Yikes Twins on Etsy, $39

    Maybe she asked for a pony, but isn’t a unicorn so much better? Personalization is available for an added cost.

    Photo credit: Yikes Twins on Etsy
  • 6

    From Rougedenior on Etsy, $69.39

    This speckled egg candle melts to reveal a ceramic unicorn inside.

    Photo credit: Rougedenior on Etsy
  • 7

    From SilverSpoonLifestyle on Etsy, $49.95

    Why stop with unicorns? Throw in Santa and an ugly Christmas sweater, all in one gift. (Fabulous leggings not included.)

    Photo credit: SilverSpoonLifestyle on Etsy
  • 8

    From DeluxeEditionPrintCo on Etsy, $10

    Note: You still have to have the filter approved by Snapchat.

    Photo credit: DeluxeEditionPrintCo on Etsy
  • 9

    From Littlecutee on Etsy, $25

    Available in sizes XS to XL.

    Photo credit: Littlecutee on Etsy
  • 10

    From Unicorn Snot, variety of sizes and prices

    Vegan and animal-cruelty free, because, as their website states: “Real or magical, we love all the animals.” Can be used on face, body or hair.

    Photo credit: Unicorn Snot


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